Witness Testing

Offering you peace of mind that all Swegon units are extensively tested

Witness Testing

All Swegon factories have Eurovent Standard Test Labs.

Focus On…

The test lab in Cantarana, Italy, was opened in 2009. This futuristic test area is used for extensively testing Swegon units and prototypes.

The climatic room, completely autonomous and independent, can host any unit and test its yield and performance, from the standard conditions to the more extreme ones; from -15°C to +50°C, in compliance with EN14511.

The Test Room can accommodate every possible climatic condition, testing each and every unit assembled before delivery to the customer.

We have allocated important resources for building Test Rooms on the premises as well as a prototyping laboratory where all new products are developed.

The Test Facility comprises of five different areas (and the office), capable of testing units up to 1000kW.

The first step in the process is to assemble the units as prototypes, in The Prototype Area, to test the structure, pipings, circuits etc. They are then moved to the relevant Test Room (small room, main room or close control room) where they are tested for functionality and performance. At this stage, the engineers acquire data and issue the test reports to the Project Development Engineers and Project Managers.

The Main Test Room is dedicated to large chillers and heat pumps. Units larger than 750 kW can be tested one circuit at a time. Free cooling units (of lower capacities – 230 to 560 kW according to configuration and conditions) can also be tested in this room.

The smaller Test Room can accommodate units up to 100kW, but can also be used together with Room 1 to test Roof Top units – using the evaporating section on one room and the condensing section of the other, max 300 kW.



The heat released by the condensers is recovered to provide the heat load for the evaporator. The difference is disposed of by means of external dry coolers and the chiller. The reverse of this will happen in heat pump mode. Water/Water units can be tested also using the same buffer and two hydraulic circuits

The Close Control Test Room is little more complicated, as accurate air flow regulation is needed as well as thermo-hygrometric conditions. This room can analyse chillers up to 250kW, with an air flow up to 40000 m³/h.

Behind the test rooms there is a sophisticated system that keeps stable conditions and provides cooling load to the units under test. There are video recording systems for each test room, and cameras around the entire area. The data collected from the testing is automatically processed, transmitted from the Test Area directly to our central server

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