Case Study

Safapac (Chemical Manufacturer)

Case Study:

Safapac (Chemical Manufacturer)

Replacement cooling equipment

The Issue

Safapac is a leading, family-owned, contract manufacturer and packer of specialty chemicals, including pesticides and veterinary medicines. Their existing Tricool chiller was old and no longer working properly and they were looking for a more efficient and reliable cooling solution.

The Solution

The client decided to opt for new cooling equipment, which they hoped would improve their process times and product quality. We fitted Tetris 2 24.3 plus Tetris 2 43.6 chillers. Deadline was tight due to Safapac’s processing schedule.


Process times and quality have improved since the new chillers were installed. Trevor Morris of Safapac said he's seen up to 15% improvement in productivity in their plant. Comparisons with a sister plant running on an older chiller have shown throughputs that are also much higher.