Case Study

Major Confectionery Supplier

Case Study:

Major Confectionery Supplier

Cooling equipment hire

The Issue

Our sales team had been working closely with the customer to update cooling on this and other sites and had already supplied a number of Blue Box units from our group manufacturing facility.

However, they still had an older air cooled chiller unit on site which had been earmarked for replacement, but was only just going through the capex process.

The decision to hire was due to them experiencing a breakdown on one of the older units. Our service engineers had managed to make a temporary repair to keep the production on this line running but a more permanent repair would prove expensive and any further breakdowns could cause major headaches through lost production.

The Solution

Our service team passed the lead across to a colleague in hire who visited site the same day and with the client they identified a suitable area for the temporary hire unit ensuring this would not hamper production or the positioning of the new unit when delivered.


Unit delivered, installed and commissioned within 12 hours of initial call and no loss of production= a very happy client!