Case Study

Major Food Production Company

Case Study:

Major Food Production Company

Cooling Hire

The Issue

The customer had been experiencing ongoing issues in one of their packaging areas, which had led to both staff welfare issues and major product losses. Being a busy production facility, within a larger factory, there was limited free space and the challenge was to come up with a solution to alleviate the problems and find the best fit for the facility in question. The brief was to maintain 24° c (+/-2c) with a RH 25% (previously they were experiencing a wide variance of temperatures and an RH 47%).

The Solution

Our local representative from the specialist hire team attended site and conducted a thorough survey. After consulting all interested parties on site we came up with a number of options which could be put in place with minimal disruption. After presenting the findings to the customer, we agreed a medium term hire of a system including one of our modern Blue Box Chillers linked to one of our desiccant dehumidifier systems and supporting ductwork.


The equipment was delivered and installed with minimal disruption and no loss to production. We have since attended site to monitor the conditions in the packaging area and as with all our comprehensive hire agreements we offered ongoing 24/7 support for the duration of the hire.