Case Study

Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturing

Case Study:

Beardow & Adams (Adhesives) Ltd

Cooling solution for hot melt adhesive manufacturing

The Issue

Beardow & Adams (Adhesives) Ltd is a market leading adhesive manufacturer, with a focus on high quality, innovation and solving customer’s adhesive problems.

Hot melt adhesives take the form of 100% solid materials that are typically molten when hot and solid when cool. The manufacturing process requires the materials to be heated and blended together to create a formulated product. These then need to be cooled sufficiently for them to be packed, without blocking together in lumps.

The challenge faced was to modernise and future proof part of the current production cooling system, optimise production efficiency, whilst working in a confined space and of course, sticking to a budget.

The Solution

Several options were discussed and the one the client chose was to replace their existing four cooling units with one larger unit, which offered a cooling capacity greater than was previously achieved.

The plan was to raise the unit onto a mezzanine floor to a roof level height, to ensure cooling effectiveness of the unit was fully maximised. This would allow for the product to be cooled quicker and more effectively, giving the client potential to increase production, without a compromise on quality.

By raising the unit it prevents it from getting contaminated from ground debris, as well as removing the possibility of damage from passing forklift traffic, reducing future maintenance expenditure.


The solution we offered, working in conjunction with the client's in-house dedicated maintenance engineers and site contractors, led to them having better cooling for their product throughout the manufacturing process. This allows them to run their manufacturing lines to their optimum and helps deliver on their promise to provide high quality finished products to their customers.