Case Study


Case Study:

Newsquest (Southampton)

Chiller replacement

The Issue

To offer the client a solution which replaced their existing chillers, but still provided enough cooling capacity without requiring costly upgrading works of their existing electrical supply.

The installation had to ensure minimal disruption and downtime to the client, with works starting on the Friday and continuing through the weekend to be up and running on the Monday ready for production to start again. The existing chillers had to be replaced over two separate phases so that the client always had cooling, either from the one remaining working chiller, or the first new chiller installed.

The Solution

Our solution had to incorporate the option to run one new chiller at a time, but also provide redundancy and allow the inclusion of a future hire chiller if ever needed.

2 x Kappa Rev LN 33.2 chillers complete with mechanical and electrical installation works.

1 x weekend installation per chiller, starting on a Friday working through to the Monday. Thermal insulation works installed after both chillers up and running.


Client extremely happy with speed of both service and solution, with minimal disruption caused.