Case Study

Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Case Study:

Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Installation of new direct drive fans

The Issue

We were approached by a client to upgrade OEM fans to new, best in class, energy efficient EC Plug Fans. The works had to be carried out during a two week shutdown and this could not overrun.

Original fan was highly inefficient and coming to the end of its working life. Also, one of the units could only be switched off and worked on over the weekend so as not to affect the manufacturing process and schedules.

The Solution

We supplied a bank of eight new direct drive fans to replace the one outdated Centrifugal fan along with a bank of new inverters for each fan. If one fan fails the others pick up the loss in duty to ensure the hospital has the back-up required. We could lose up to three fans with no loss in performance.

We carried out the works in requested timeframe and handed over four days early to the client to enable full testing and them to re-open that part of the hospital ahead of the agreed schedule.


Further to this we calculated a cost saving in energy consumption alone at around £23k per year with a total payback time for the client of 14 months.

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