Case Study

Science and Technology Company

Case Study:

Science and Technology

Cooling Hire

The Issue

We were approached by a large science and technology company, who needed to hire in some cooling equipment whilst they were running a series of tests on a tank for a naval client of theirs.

The Solution

After reviewing their full requirements, power supply and logistics of siting the equipment we recommended a total complete package, consisting of one of our Heat pump chiller range units. This would not only be able to chill the test water down to the required temperature, but was also capable of raising the test water to the desired temperature.

Due to the location of where the test was to be conducted we also recommended installing a generator to run the chiller unit, as no access to power from the test site was readily available.

The customer was also keen to take advantage of the Swegon Fuel Management solution, which is operated to monitor and arrange fuel deliveries to keep the customer's equipment running.


The equipment was delivered, installed and commissioned with no loss of production or downtime to the client, which they were very happy about.