Air Blast Cooling

Ideal for a whole range of cooling applications, where closed circuit cooling is required

Air Blast and Adiabatic Coolers

Sometimes known as Dry Air Coolers, these are ideally suited for a whole range of cooling applications, especially where closed circuit cooling is required and cooling to within 3ºC of the prevailing ambient temperature is acceptable all year round.


Each cooler will be individually selected to match the load conditions and various configurations are available to meet space and noise limitations.
Single units are available with capacities from 5kW to 2000kW and can be inter-connected to reach many thousands of kilowatts.

Control of the water temperature is regulated, by controlling fan speed, according to the prevailing ambient temperature

Alternative to Water Cooling Towers

Air Blast Coolers are a practical and cost effective alternative to Water Cooling Towers, which by law have to conform to ACOP L8.

The costs of conformance are steep and include:

  • Chemical treatment to guard against Legionella
  • Water softening to prevent lime scale formation
  • Treatment and safe disposal of effluent resulting from routine cleaning and draining
  • Water losses and make up due to constant evaporation can also be a significant operational cost

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Wetted Surface “Adiabatic” Coolers

These are air blast coolers with integral spray systems, evenly coating the finned surfaces with a water mist.

A combination of air passing over the coils and the evaporation of the surface water creates a greater cooling effect than conventional dry air cooling allowing lower water temperatures to be reached.

Water costs are minimal because the water spray is only activated when the ambient temperatures are at their highest. This means that only a few hours of wetted surface operation are necessary each year.

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Free Cooling

Installed in series with a water chiller, an air blast cooler functioning as a free cooler can make massive energy savings.

In low ambient conditions, the air blast cooler automatically cuts in, allowing some or all of the compressors in the chiller to shut down.

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