DX Cooling Unit

Integrated Cooling Solution

The cooling unit shall be a complete unit with refrigerant circuits for comfort cooling. The cooling unit shall carry out its function in the supply air and exhaust air sides of the air handling system via ordinary duct connections.

The cooling unit shall be a completely direct-acting system with an evaporation coil for direct-evaporating refrigerant on the cold side and a condenser coil on the warm side.

All the components shall conform to refrigeration engineering standards and shall be prewired and collected inside a common casing. The cooling unit shall have been tested at the factory.

The air handing unit that is coupled together with the cooling unit shall have ready-to-use cooling functions for controlling the cooling unit. A means of communication via the Web or traditional SD installation shall also be provided.

In addition to the above, provision for connecting a power supply cable and a communication cable between the cooling unit and the air handling unit, as well as drainage and an emergency overflow pipework shall be provided.

Features and benefits
  • The cooling unit is equipped with a supply air filter.
  • Structure of the casing is fabricated of aluminium profiled sections held together by plastic corner pieces.
  • Extremely quick and simple installation
  • Mounted on a base or stand that suits the arrangement with the contemplated air handling unit.
  • Fitted with connection components that make connections airtight.
  • Double refrigerant circuits, which are charged with refrigerant on delivery.
  • The control unit has all electrical and control engineering systems integrated into the air handling unit.
  • Equipped with reciprocating compressors, possibly in combination with scroll compressors.
Specification / Configuration
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