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If your chiller currently depends upon R22, secure its future and yours, with MO99

If your chiller currently depends upon R22, secure its future and yours, with MO99

For many years the most commonly used refrigerant in water chillers was R22, but because of its severe ozone depleting properties, is now being rapidly phased out in accordance with EU Protocol.

Current legislation means a total ban on the use of virgin R22 by 2010. Recycled R22 should be available until 2015, but many larger corporations are already stock piling it in advance of need. The likely result is that the amount of recycled R22 becoming available to the general market will fall far short of demand leading to a sharp escalation in its price.

Company’s trying to face up to their environmental responsibilities may be in no position to replace their R22 chiller and from a performance and reliability standpoint, see no need.

The solution to extending the life of your chiller and to bring it into conformance,is to replace R22 with a benign refrigerant having similar performance and energy efficiency properties.

Refrigerant MO99 meets these performance and energy efficiency properties better than any other R22 replacements currently in the market place. Unlike others, MO99 is also a straightforward drop in replacement requiring minimal engineering work and in most cases no change of lubricant.

A Dupont development, supporting field trials were carried out in the UK for Dupont by Coolmation and this cooperation has resulted in an agreement appointing Coolmation as an approved supplier and installer of MO99.

You should not underestimate the enormous numbers of R22 chillers installed in manufacturing and HVAC applications around the UK. All will have to be converted or replaced by 2015, sooner if legislation is toughened.

Relatively few companies have the qualifications, approval and licensing to carry out these conversions and leaving it until the last minute will undoubtedly result in delays and higher costs as the rush to secure their services increases.

Coolmations Service Engineering team has been working closely with the manufacturers of these replacement refrigerants by assisting with field trials, and the subsequent works carried out on many sites has provided our engineering staff with the specialist knowledge, engineering skills and qualifications required to conduct this work.

We have ISO 9001 and 14001, REFCOM ELITE and full FGAS certification along with Safe Contractor, CHAS and Construction Line accreditations.

Did you know there will be a total ban on fresh supplies of Refrigerant 22 by 2010? Download our MO99 brochure for further infromation.

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