Turbocor Service & Maintenance

Turbocor chillers provide many energy efficiency benefits over their conventional counterparts

Turbocor Service and Maintenance

Turbocor chiller service and maintenance, what you need to be aware of.

Turbocor compressor chillers are being extensively installed around the UK for industrial, commercial and technical cooling and air conditioning applications.

Unlike a conventional screw compressor, the Turbocor oil free centrifugal compressor is radically different in the way it performs and in the way it needs to be serviced and maintained.

Once installed and commissioned Turbocor chillers will provide the much published energy efficiency benefits over their conventional counterparts, but Turbocor chiller maintenance and inspection requirements are no less necessary under current FGas Legislation, but considerably more specialised.

The need for Turbocor chiller service or repair can arise at any time, unlike perhaps a planned maintenance visit, and this is where real issues can arise. The Turbocor compressor bears no resemblance to a conventional screw compressor and without the necessary training, an impromptu engineer arriving to service a Turbocor chiller will be technically unequipped to deal with it.

This is not to suggest that REFCOM qualified chiller service engineers after training cannot become a Turbocor chiller service specialist, but before calling one out, ask your chiller service provider, “are your engineers trained and qualified to service Turbocor chillers”.

Swegon Cooling have been supplying and installing Turbocor chillers for a number of years and in doing so have invested in factory training in Turbocor chiller service, repairs and maintenance for the field service and technical support teams.

For advice on Turbocor chiller service and repairs and Turbocor chiller maintenance contact the Swegon Service desk by calling 01530 244334, or email serviceenquiries@swegon.co.uk

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