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The design of a hotel’s ventilation system is essential to ensure comfort of the occupants who stay there. Ventilation is the process of continual change of air to a room.

The rooms of a hotel need to be ventilated 24 hours per day, independently if they are occupied or not, the energy consumption increases as well as the running cost. It is easy to think how the running costs could be reduced drastically if one can supply fresh and conditioned air only when it is strictly necessary, that is when people are in the rooms.

It’s not only the rooms have to be considered, a hotel has common spaces and in these areas the number of people varyconstantly, so the constant air ventilation (CAV) systems are used the most. This usually includes the possibility to increase (boost) the air flow by a timer as well. The air quality reached in these common spaces and the low energy consumption usually does not justify the higher installation costs of the DCV systems if compared to the use and installation of the CAV systems.

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