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Swegon is a leading provider of innovative commercial cooling and ventilation solutions.

We recognise the importance of having good indoor air quality in a classroom.

Nowadays, school buildings are increasingly isolated, with the slightest opening or gap sealed. This means that indoor air is no longer naturally renewed. As a result, indoor air may be more polluted than outdoor air, so proper ventilation is required. During the class day pupils are spending hours in classrooms with unhealthy air. Some consequences of this are smells, irritated eyes and headaches. But also, and perhaps most seriously, stale air induces a high CO2 level variation. When the CO2 level is high it makes pupils become restless and disruptive. They lose concentration and their learning ability decreases significantly. Needless to say that a healthy indoor air atmosphere is worth it, and it is our responsibility to offer them a good learning environment.

A solution may be to open windows and doors, but this will create drafts, expose learners to outdoor noises and induce a waste of energy. A much better solution is to ventilate artificially. A high efficiency ventilation system assures a better learning environment by purifying the air. By using high efficiency couterflow units, the saved energy from the room insulation is used for preheating the fresh air.

Need to improve the learning conditions of your pupils?

Swegon will help you to choose a responsible solution for the welfare of your pupils by offering a complete and flexible ventilation solution which improves indoor air quality. We offer individual or centralised ventilation solutions, which guarantee that the CO2 level stays under 1000 ppm and produce a low noise level of maximum 30 dB(A). Last but not least, the ventilation units can have heat recovery efficiency as high as 96% which assures signifi cant cost saving advantages on energy.

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