AHU and Chiller Refurbishments

Reduce your running costs by giving your chiller/ AHU a new lease of life

We are able to offer a refurbishment service on AHU’s and chillers which may be starting to reach the end of their expected working life.

We can utilise the exiting shell and structure to keep costs down, making good any defects on this if required such as treating and removing any rust or decay.

We will replace internal components with brand new, best in class, energy efficient replacements increasing the expected life by a further 20+ years as well as potentially offering a healthy return on investment through reduced running costs.

Replace any existing heating and cooling coils if they are showing signs fin decay, leaks or damage impacting on their efficiency.

Increase or decrease duties if changes are required on the delivery system

A cheaper and less intrusive option to ripping out and replacing with brand new packaged equipment, can be done in a few days with minimal impact to the day to day working of the building.

Retrofit mechanical cooling/heating to AHU’s through installation of new heat pumps or chillers that can be controlled by existing units or by introducing new split A/C units to help control temperature in certain spaces.

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