Time to upgrade your old belt-driven fan

AHU and chiller upgrades from Swegon

By replacing your old belt-driven fan with a next generation EC direct drive fan from Swegon you are making a wise investment. Developed on an entirely new platform and with motors that are of the latest EC type our fans offer the best energy efficiency on the market.


We are able to:

  • survey existing plants and put forward proposals on how we could save the end user running costs by upgrading their old, outdated and inefficient equipment with brand new best in class fans and controls
  • replace old belt-driven fans and motors with EC direct-drive plug fans. This removes any energy loss through transmission and also saves annual belt replacement costs (on average £200 per year)
  • replace outdated forward curved fans for new higher efficiency backword curved impellers, which cut through and move air in a much more efficient way
  • look at different ways of controlling the fans to reduce energy consumption, for example modulating the speed of the fan on CO2 levels within the building, through variable pressure control if interlinked with a VAV system

All new fans have the capability to be directly integrated with BMS systems for accurate control and monitoring of the system and its running costs.

Average energy saving is 20-30%.


We are able to replace outdated condenser fans with new EC direct drive fans, which offer better control and cheaper running costs.

Installing adiabatic screens to existing chillers means:

  • during periods of high ambient temperatures mains water is sprayed on to a special mesh surrounding the condenser coils on a chiller
  • ambient air is drawn through the sprayed mesh lowering the temperature that the unit is having to work in therefore potentially saving money in running costs of compressors and condenser fans (recognised by CIBSE)
  • the mesh is treated to stop any bacterial growth and water is sent through UV filters to also remove any potential for legionella growth
  • cheap and effective way of lowering energy consumption during periods of warmer weather

We offer a free initial survey of your plant to outline any potential for energy savings. Our engineers can also advise on subtle changes to the system and the way it is set up offering the potential to further reduce running costs by running the units as efficiently as possible.


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