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Here are some answers to questions we often get asked as well as general help and advice, which we hope you find useful.

Refrigerant Retrofit

If your chiller currently depends upon R22, secure its future and yours with MO99.

For many years the most commonly used refrigerant in water chillers was R22, but because of its severe ozone depleting properties, is now being rapidly phased out in accordance with EU Protocol.

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Is your chiller F-Gas compliant?

If your chiller is running on the refrigerant gas R22, you are on borrowed time! In accordance with the EU Ozone Regulation EC/1005/2009, R22 will be banned as of 01 January 2015.

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Environmental Policy

The Directors and Management are committed to operating an Environmental Management System that ensure the environmental impacts of the organisation are minimized and that the performance of the organisation is regularly reviewed and continues to improve.

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Is your HVAC plant energy efficient?

An AHU (Air Handling Unit) is designed to regulate and circulate air as part of a ducted HVAC system. The major component within AHU’s consuming the most electricity is the fan. The most commonly utilised in this process are Centrifugal fans,  however today we can offer an alternative more efficient option in the EC plug fan.

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