We service, maintain and repair critical process cooling and air conditioning systems preventing disruption to your business.


All our engineers are REFCOM accredited water chiller specialists, able to provide expert chiller maintenance and assistance with current legislation.

Many commercial buildings depend upon chilled water air conditioning systems and heat pumps to maintain stable workplace and server room temperatures. Manufacturing and industrial processing can be equally dependent on water chillers for cooling production machinery or the manufactured product.

A rise in chilled water temperature due to chiller failure generally results in a major business interruption cost, on top of the cost of chiller repair

FGAS  legislation must now be considered by the chiller operator and failure to comply with this can result in financial penalties.

To offset both risks and costs, partner with a REFCOM accredited water chiller specialist who can provide expert chiller maintenance while also assisting with current legislation

Swegon Service Ltd (formerly known as Service4Chillers/ Coolmation Service Ltd) was one of the first company’s in the UK to gain REFCOM ELITE  accreditation, we are an independent chiller service and maintenance organisation and our experience and skill level qualifies us to work with all makes of chiller and all capacities.

Maintenance Plans for Fire Dampers

Do you know it’s essential to test your fire dampers to ensure correct operation in the event of a fire and Swegon can offer full maintenance packages?

Heat Pump Service and Maintenance

Commercial heat pumps provide a low cost heat source, but without regular service and maintenance, their performance and ratio of heat output to running costs will reduce.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

We offer a complete service for your air conditioning service and maintenance requirements across the UK.

Ventilation Service and Maintenance

Our network of installers, parts and service engineers are spread out right across the country and are able to offer expert ventilation maintenance and assistance within current legislation.

Turbocor Service and Maintenance

Turbocor compressor chillers are being extensively installed around the UK for industrial, commercial and technical cooling and air conditioning applications.

Chiller Service and Maintenance

We deliver the levels of service and maintenance which keep chillers and air conditioning systems running year in year out.

Air Cooled Condenser Cleaning

Have your air cooled condenser properly cleaned, reduce chiller operating costs by up to 30% and extend component life cycles!


Glycol, or anti-freeze, needs to be added to water in closed circuit cooling systems, ie air blast coolers or free cooling systems, when exposed to ambient temperatures below freezing

Chiller Spares

Being a specialist chiller service company, we can supply only, or supply and fit a wide range of chiller spares for the majority of UK and European chiller brands at competitive prices; York, Trane, Carrier, Lennox, McQuay, Airedale, Hitachi, Climaveneta, MTA Blue Box and Rhoss to name but a few.

Refrigerant Retrofit

For many years the most commonly used refrigerant in water chillers was R22, but because of its severe ozone depleting properties, is now being rapidly phased out in accordance with EU Protocol.

Chiller Health Check

Water chillers can be amongst the highest consumers of electricity in a commercial building or factory.

Planned Chiller Service and Maintenance

Chillers are high energy users and in times of rising energy prices and taxes, their operating costs will be rising in proportion.

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